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Month: January 2019

2019 Popular Wedding Film Styles

Popular Wedding Film Styles

You’ve decided that having a wedding video is an absolute must (good choice – a lot of couples regret saying “no” to video). Your next decision is the type of wedding film style you want. Once you’ve explored and found your favorite, you can look for a videographer with a matching aesthetic.

In cinematic wedding videography, you’ll notice some of the same angles, filters and transitions you’ve seen in the movies (aerial shots and slow motion, for example). Instead of adhering to the timeline of the day, the videographer will create a non-linear video that evokes a certain emotion and theme. This creative approach means you’ll have a wedding video that looks like a bona fide film.

Journalistic wedding videography (or documentary wedding videography) takes a different approach: the day is presented in a linear timeline, showing everything from morning prep to the end of the reception. Your videographer may even interview the bride, groom and guests for commentary, then use the sound bites to enhance the story.

Short Form
Short form wedding films are edited versions of the full video. They typically range from 15 to 50 minutes, showcasing the brightest and most touching moments that capture the emotion of the day without dragging on. While short form films can be journalistic, they’re best when cinematic because the style allows for more creativity. Your videographer may also provide the full length video.

Storytelling wedding videography is a type of cinematic film style that incorporates elements to tell the couple’s love story. For example, your videographer may add narration, music or text to put a focus on the bride and groom’s experience. Aesthetic elements and amusing parts of the day are usually left out.

Traditional wedding videography is captured with a handheld camera and without additional cinematic equipment, like drones. There’s a focus on the wedding ceremony and reception, but not on smaller details and candid moments. These videos may be two or three hours long.

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Wedding Photo Sacramento

This wedding was just breathtaking.  As you will see from these photos the venue is gorgeous and the Mountain even made a grand appearance right before I left.  But what I really loved about this wedding was the deep love and affection everyone showed one another.  It was truly great to see laughter, joyful tears and such patience as the day unfolded.  So in the PNW you never know how to predict the weather and in May it is very 50/50 on if the sun will make an appearance.  The weather was showing a 75% rain forecast but every hour it kept pushing the rain out and out and the sun even came out.  My favorite part was when the sun came out right as it sprinkled slightly right when Jessica started walking down the isle and I also loved the frogs making huge noises during the opening prayer!  These memories will always be there and I hope these photos will help bring back the experience of how beautiful their wedding was.

So these two met at a running group in Sacramento CA.  They both noticed each other right away but become friends first.  Interestingly enough they both said their first backpacking trip to Mt Hood was the moment they knew that they wanted to be together forever!  Garrett said, “I fell in love with her adventure and constant smile during that trip.”  And Jessica said, “I realized when he was applying sunscreen on my back that I enjoyed his touch a little too much for a friend!”  This was the trip that began their love journey.  It was on that mountain top they had their first kiss and the rest is history!  So it is a perfect fit that they picked this beautiful venue and that the mountain which means so much to them both decided to make an appearance before the night had arrived.


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