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about myself

I grew up in a tiny mountain town in northern California climbing boulders, swimming in rivers, and camping under the stars. Exploration was a big part of my childhood and now that I am all grown up (mostly), photography is my ticket to continued adventure and exploration. For me, wedding photography is not about shooting every last detail or every single kiss. Instead, I aim to make sincere, storytelling images that reflect the feeling and mood of your wedding day. I want to capture those fleeting glances you and your partner share, tears at the ceremony, and the warm smiles of your friends and family who are there to support and celebrate you. Within these authentic interactions the unscripted happens. These are the candid moments I want to photograph for you. I hope you won’t think of me as just another vendor but, instead, as a friend who is quietly working to capture the sentiment and feeling of your wedding day.

When the day is done and these images have been collected, they will tell a story that is uniquely yours. I want this story to mean as much to you 30 years after your wedding day as it will on the day itself. I want the images to act as an archive and a visual catalyst that whisks you back to the day you and your love said yes to your new life together.

If something in this philosophy resonates with you I hope you’ll use the contact form to make an inquiry and get the conversation started.